Preguntas frecuentes sobre la depilación corporal

¿Cómo reservo una cita?

You will click "Book Now" at the top and this will take you to square to book your waxing appointment!

What Specialty do you offer?

Jess specializes in brow wax and tints!

She will shape your brows to give you the effect of Permanent Makeup, but it lasts temporarily and only last's 4-8 weeks!

-She will measure and lay out your brows, wax them with hard wax (less painful than honey wax), and tint them while staining the skin to last 4-8 weeks.

What waxing services do you offer?

We offer any waxing that is listed on our square booking page.

You can find this is you click "book now" at the top and scroll through waxing services.