• Sharky

    Meet the Owner/ Mentor Sharky!

    Sharky specializes in the use of realism in large scale custom tattoo.

    All levels, All styles, Black & Grey, Full Color, Neo-Traditional, Blackout, Portraits, Watercolor and more!

    Freehand and Custom Designs.

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  • Jess

    Meet our Licensed Medical Esthetician Jessica!

    (BOTOX & Filler Injector), PMU Artist, Body Piercer, and Tattoo Artist.

    Jess specializes in Permanent Makeup, Piercings, Micro tattoos & Dotwork/Stippled tattoos.

    She also really enjoys Botanical Tattoos.

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  • Christian

    Meet Christian!

    He is creative with Lettering, and a new-school artist with a foundation in graffiti

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  • Santi

    Meet Santi!

    Santi has a focus in Neo Traditional, Blackwork/Illustrative, and Dotwork/Stipple tattoos.

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  • Eric

    Meet Eric!

    Eric is primarily a black and grey artist, with a focus on gothic influenced realism and abstract realism... black and grey all the way!

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  • Q

    Meet Quintin (Q)

    Q is an amazing Neo Traditional Tattoo Artist, with a very creative mind!

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  • Devon

    Meet Devon!

    Devon has a focus in Black & Grey Tattoos!

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    The Man.

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