Jewelry & Piercings with Jess

Piercing FAQs

What is the cost of Piercings?

With over 10 years of piercing experience by Jess, piercing prices are as according!

ALL piercings INCLUDE Basic Implant Grade 316LSurgical Steel jewelry, upgrades are available! We highly recommend using Implant Grade Titanium; as this is hypoallergenic.


-Navel $50

-Inverse Navel $50

-1 Nipple $55

-2 Nipples $100

-Dermal Removal $25

-Dermal $75 (includes feet)

-Surface Piercing $125

-VCH $125

-Specialty Piercing Project (Spine Corset, ect) $35 per hole if 10 or more holes


-Jewelry Change if you bring in own jewelry $10

-Ear Lobe $30

-Set of Ear Lobes $50

-Helix $45

-Snug $45

-Daith (for headaches) $55

-Rook $50

-Faux Rook $50

-Conch $45

-Tragus $45

-Oribital $50

-Industrial $60

-Constellation $90.00

-Surface Tragus $125.00


-Bridge $50

-Nose $45.00

-Eyebrow $45.00

-Anti-Eyebrow $45.00

-Septum $55.00

-Medusa $55

-Side Lip Piercing $55

-Monroe $55

-Labret $55

-Ashley $55

-Vertical Labret $60

-Snake Bites $80

Oral Piercing

-Philtum/Smiley $55

-Tongue $55

Piercing Deposit is all that is needed to book an appointment. It cost $30 and is applied towards your appointment

How do I book an appointment?

To book a piercing we require a $30 deposit upon booking that will be credited towards your total after the piercing is done. 

Please make sure upon coming to your appointment you bring your ID in with you. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to bring a parent/guardian with a birth certificate, drivers license or school id. The guardian must have matching addresses and last names. 


Step 1: Click “BOOK NOW” button above 

Step 2: Choose “Piercing Deposit” 

Step 3: Choose your piercer 

Step 4: Enter your name, phone number, email and what piercing you would like to get in the appointment notes. 

Step 5: Submit it and come in for your appointment! 

Any questions feel free to give us a call at 720-504-6533

Are there age requirements for piercings?

3 months + Ear Lobes

8 yrs old for Helix (Cartilage Piercing)

12 yrs +  Nose

13 yrs + Navel  

14 yrs + Lips, Eyebrows, Septum, Bridge  

18 yrs +  Dermals, Surface, Nipples, Tongue, Smiley, Vch 

What kind of jewelry do we carry?

14kt White, Rose and Yellow Gold

24kt Yellow Gold


Surgical Steel

My skin is sensitive to certain metals. What do you recommend?

We would recommend using Titanium jewelry because it’s hypoallergenic, doesn’t corrode and is nickel free. 

You can also go through surgeries, cat scans and MRI’s.

Why do we pierce with a needle vs a gun?

With using needles they are sterilized and one-time use vs a gun is not sterilized and is multiple uses. The gun is forcefully pushed through your earlobe vs a hollow needle creating a natural hole for the jewelry to be inserted.

Do piercing prices include jewelery?

Surgical Steel Jewelry the only jewelry included in your piercing!

When you come in for your appointment you will be guided through with your piercer on what jewelry will work best for the piercing you are getting. Then you can pick out the color, type, size and style you like best!

What do I do if I get a piercing bump?

We recommend coming in to buy our "Gold Emu Oil Remedy" for only $10.

Using Flat back jewelry with 4 mm of breathing room around your piercing.

Do not twist or turn your jewelry.

We have had extreme turn around results.

Do not overclean your jewelry.