Tattoo FAQs

How do I book an appointment?

In order to book an appointment, we require a consultation first. 

During the consultation you will meet with the Artist of your choice in order to go over designs and figure out an appointment date. 

Step 1: Click the BOOK NOW button above.

Step 2: Click “Free Tattoo Consultation."

Step 3: Choose the Artist of your choice (You can see there portfolios under the Artists tab)

Step 4: Enter your Name, Phone Number, Email and please add a short description of the tattoo you would like in the appointment notes.

You are more then welcome to also call in @ 720-504-6533

Do we offer financing?

Yes, we do offer financing. 

We have two programs. 

Shoppay - this split up your total into 4 interest free payments. 

For bigger projects we have Cherry which allows up to $10,000 interest free for up to 18 months based on credit. 

** All of the financing we use is a soft pull on your credit score.**

You can apply by clicking the “Get Financed” button on the navigation bar.

For further questions please feel free to reach out.

What is your shop minimum?

Our shop's minimum is 1 hour of tattoo time. 

The price is varied based on the Artist or Apprentice of your choice. 

Each Artist has different hourly rates. 

You can expect a range between $100 per hour up to $200 per hour. 

Do we accept walk-ins?

Yes, we do accept walk-ins. 

Please just come on in during our normal business hours. 

When you get here you can see the portfolios of the available Artists and choose who you would like to work with. 

*It is up to the Artist whether or not they can do that tattoo in a timely manner because our Artists do have appointments they have committed to. If you have a bigger tattoo piece you would like done please schedule a “Free Consultation."

Do we do touch ups?

Yes, we offer free touch ups on tattoos done in house for the first five years.

If it is a tattoo done at another shop or from another Artist it would be considered a re-work or cover up at our normal hourly rate.

Do we do custom pieces?

Absolutely, our shop's focus is doing full custom tattoo projects. 

We specialize in creating an easy and seamless process throughout your tattoo experience.